Trouser measurement guide :



1. Trouser Waist - Wearing your pants where you normally wear them on your waist, measure just above the waistline of your pants while allowing for one finger between your waist and the tape. It is quite normal for this measurement to be 1-3 inches bigger than your waist size for off the rack pants.



2. Hip - Remove everything from your pants pockets. Wrap the tape around your hips at their widest point, several inches below the waistline of your pants.  



3. Trouser Outseam - Measure from the top of your waistband, on the side of your pants, till the floor. Please remove your shoes for this measurement. 



4. Trouser Inseam - Hold one point of the measuring tape to just below the crotch area of the pants that is the crotch point . Measure through the inner part of the leg all the way down till floor. Remove your shoes for this measurement. 



5. Full Rise - Measure from the top of your waistband on the front between your legs to the top of the waistband on the back side of the pants. To ensure a comfortable fit make sure not to pull tightly.



6. Thigh - Remove all objects from your pants pockets and slide the tape to the widest part of your thigh, typically right at the base of your crotch. Record this measurement leaving one finger between your thigh and the tape. 



7. Trouser Bottom Opening- Wearing dress pants loop the measuring tape around the ankle to measure the pant’s bottom width that you would like. As a guide 17-19 inches are considered standard.